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Listen in to what's being said about Andrea, her presentations, her books...

"Andrea Stephens has been the Beauty Editor of BRIO Magazine for almost twelve years. Each month she touches the lives of over 300,000 girls while challenging them to become their very best. She has a heart for teens and genuinely wants to help them improve their self-esteem by deepening their walk with Christ. Andrea instigated our annual BRIO GIRL SEARCH in which thousands of applicants are judged on character, integrity and church involvement. Andrea, herself, exemplifies a genuine Christlike character and is a terrific role model for every girl she meets."
Susie Shellenberger, BRIO Magazine, Editor, Focus On The Family

"Ms. Stephens participation with Southwest Florida Regional Juvenile Detention Center is inspiring to say the least!  I have heard the girls in my facility talking about the BABE message and telling each other that they are Babes.  The first time I heard it I had to stop and ask what it meant, when they told me, I was truly impressed.  You have given the girls in this facility hope by telling them they are women of worth and inspiring them to know that their life is worth living.  We can't thank you enough for coming in and touching the lives of these girls."
Molly J. Mullins, Superintendent

"The B.A.B.E. Event really taught me a lot about God's love and my body image. This has helped me so much."
Teen Girl, 16, AR

"I thank God for what you are doing to touch the lives of teenage girls in this country."
Female Youth Leader, WI

"This conference was one of the most encouraging, enjoyable, and educational events ever! Plus, Andrea's humor made it very entertaining."
Teen Girl, 18, GA

"I've constantly been rereading the workbook that we filled in during the event. It helps me remember the key points. Thanks for making it for us."
Teen Girl, 14, TX

"The giveaways, the sketches, the fashion show, the cool concert--all of it was great!"
Volunteer, MN

"Andrea knows know to connect with girls. While addressing the serious realities that teenage girls are facing, she does it in her own fun-loving and gentle style."
Associate Pastor, PA

"There was a tremendous response from our community which indicated a need and a hunger for relevant, biblical input into the girl's lives. Every city--no matter the size--would benefit from offering The B.A.B.E. Event."
Youth Director, MI

"It was great! I realized I am beautiful!"
Teen Girl, 13, OH

"Andrea taught me that my natural talents and spiritual gifts were given to me by God and are to be used for Him. I'm so ready to make the most of His plan for me."
Teen Girl, 17, CA

"Wow! The B.A.B.E. Event was a great event that inspired the young ladies of our church and challenged them to look at themselves--inside and out--through God's eyes. They walked away with a fresh perspective of how God has uniquely designed each one of them to be His own special B.A.B.E! This is what every woman wishes she can understand as a young woman."
Women's Ministry Director, CA

"Andrea has an approach that is fresh and positive."
Student Ministry Volunteer, KY

"Many girls made first-time commitments to Christ at The B.A.B.E. Event. I would recommend Andrea Stephens and her event as an encouraging event for Christians and a great introduction to the love of God for seekers."
Youth Minister, IN

"Through both The B.A.B.E. Event™ and the B.A.B.E. Book series, Andrea Stephens offers young women insight on what it means to be beautiful from the inside out. With practical advice on topics like how to apply make-up, and important insights into subjects like how to discover and use your spiritual gifts, Andrea encourages and motivates girls to be all that God wants them to be. I highly recommend her books and her events."
Shannon Kubiak Primicerio, author of The Divine Dance, God Called a Girl, and Being a Girl Series

About Bible B.A.B.E.S:
"Thank you so much. My daughter is about one quarter through your book, Bible B.A.B.E.S, and she can't seem to put it down, so I am very pleased since she usually doesn't like to read 'religious' stuff."
Elizabeth, Alberta Canada

About Boyland and the B.A.B.E. Book Series:
"I'm the mother of three sons and I wish every girl they knew would read Andrea's books to gain wisdom on becoming the kind of girl you would want your sons to bring home to meet Mom and Dad! As relationship specialists, we are convinced Andrea's insights will help young women avoid the pain and pitfalls of life and step into the promises of God!"
Pam Farrel, Author of Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti, Got Teens?

About Glamour Girls:
"Kudos to Andrea in putting the focus on the main thing--a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Her simple yet diverse approach to physical fitness hits all the vital areas. Fitness doesn't have to cost you a fortune and can be simply fun!"
Carla O'Brien, Certified Personal Trainer


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