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Hey, girls!

Welcome to your page. I want you to know about the events I've designed just for you, so scroll down for the lowdown. I also want to direct your attention to the Hot Topics where I've posted articles and info that can provide direction, food for thought, and some incredible beauty advice; all the kind of help a girl needs in her day-to-day life. If you have any Q's, shoot them to me from Get Connected. I'm in your corner!
~ Andrea

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Absolute Etiquette classes for girls!
If you live in the Tulsa area, click here for details.


Here's the 4-1-1
The following can be presented in 1, 2 (mini-event), or 5-hour events. They can stand alone or additional speakers, fashion show, and a musical explosion (yep, concert) to wrap it up are great additions. All of Andrea's presentations are perfect for churches, schools, and as community outreach to teen girls.

For event details, workbook review, costs, and booking information: andrea@andreastephens.com or 918-252-1974.

Girlfriend, You Are a B.A.B.E.: Beautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternally Significant®!
Have you ever looked at the mirror, at your social status, at your athletic or academic skill and thought, I am so not it, not beautiful, not talented, not valuable, and not sure what direction my life is going? Maybe a low view of yourself has you battling the blues, withdrawing from relationships, doubting your abilities, even questioning God's love you for. Well, not anymore! When you discover the truth about yourself from God's perspective, it will change you forever. You will see that you are beautiful to Him, accepted by Him, blessed through Him, and eternally significant because of Him. Girlfriend you are a real B.A.B.E.! Gather up a bunch of girls, call Andrea to set a date, and get ready to have a BLAST!

Pack your bag, grab your passport, and join Andrea on this enlightening trip to BOYLAND! Find out what's really going on in the boy brain, how to communicate in a way guys will understand, and get a glimpse into why they do what they do. Plus, take an honest look at the pitfalls of teen romance and how to develop lasting friendships with guys. They'll be straight talk on sex, modest as hottest, and knowing what a guy really wants in a girl.

Being YOU and Loving It!
Do you catch yourself constantly checking out magazines or classmates in an attempt to rate yourself? That kind of comparing can mess with your emotions making you feel downright depressed. Don't do that, girlfriend! Discover the special ingredients God used to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable young woman: YOU! Check out Andrea?s inventory of abilities to help you appreciate and embrace God?s purpose for creating you. It really is possible to love yourself and love your life when you are set free to be the real you.

What's Up with HER?
You have a mom. She might be your birthmom, stepmom, or fostermom, but you've got one! And yes, she can do things that might embarrass you, annoy you, or get you crazy mad, right? In this valuable session, Andrea will help you take a fresh look at the woman you call "mom." You'll get insight on how to respect and respond in ways that will make God, her, and you happy. Guaranteed results or your cash back!

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