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Especially for Girls

What is B.A.B.E.?™

Are you hip to the fact that you’ve been created on purpose and for a purpose?

Do you realize there is a God who loves you no matter what, has given you His stamp of approval and thinks you are gorgeous? Are you aware of the special abilities and fabulous gifts He has given to you and wants you to use for the specific adventures He has planned for you?

Here is your chance to get a new view of you! We’re putting a spiritual spin on the word babe and giving you a scriptural definition of what it really means to be beautiful, accepted, blessed, and eternally significant. A B.A.B.E! Check it out.

You are a divine diva! You are fearfully and wonderfully made—created by God Himself! You are a work-of-art and were not haphazardly thrown together! You were in God’s care before you were even born! You were His idea! God thinks you are outrageously gorgeous! God sends His Spirit to live within you to make you beautiful on the inside. You have God-Beauty!

A is for ACCEPTED!
You are unconditionally loved and accepted by God! You have already won His approval! He is your audience of One! He stands to applaud you because He is proud of you! You belong to God! You are forgiven. You do not need to seek acceptance of others—you are number one with God. He thinks you rock! Ultimately, what God thinks is all that matters!

B is for BLESSED!
You are the privileged recipient of so many blessings straight from the heart of God! You have blessings that no one can take away from you. You have special abilities--tons of talents! As a child of God you are showered with spiritual blessings like salvation, forgiveness, eternal life, the Holy Spirit, and grace! You have freely been given spiritual gifts like leadership or encouragement or service! You are so blessed!

You are here on purpose and for a purpose! God has a plan for your life! A plan that will bring you true meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction! A plan that will use your special abilities and your spiritual gifts. A plan that will make a difference in the lives of others and in the Kingdom of God. It’s an eternally significant plan! You matter!

Girlfriend, you are a B.A.B.E.!™

B.A.B.E. is a registered trademark of Andrea Stephens Ministries, Inc.

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