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Especially for Girls

Little Miss Manners
Grades 1-5

Looking for a fun and informative way to assist your daughter in the development of her social skills?  Here it is!  LITTLE MISS MANNERS is an etiquette program designed to teach your child the basics of becoming a well-mannered young lady! Knowing what to do and how to do it will result in confident girls (and thankful parents) which leads to a healthier self-image!

LITTLE MISS MANNERS 5 week program includes:

* Hello and How Are You?          

            Introductions, Conversation Ideas, Polite Behaviors

* Stop Flinging The Peas!                 

            Tasteful Table Manners, Place Settings, Napkin Folds

* Out For Dinner? Yippee!

            Restaurant and Public Manners, Posture, Party Planning

* ‘Yo, Who is This?

            Tactful Telephone Tactics, Cell Phones, Social Media

* Princess Tea Party 

         Putting It All Together!  Special appearance by Princess Ariel!

Each 90 minute class has both instruction and practical application! Games, role playing and songs make learning fun.

LITTLE MISS MANNERS is taught by Andrea Stephens.  Andrea is the President of Andrea Stephens Ministries, a non profit organization, and has been teaching etiquette classes to children and teens for over 15 years.  In addition to Little Miss Manners, she offers Young Gents for boys and The Beautifully Created Program for mid-high and high school girls.  Andrea is the author of many books for teens including Girlfriend, You are a BABE: Beautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternally Significant, Stuff a Girl’s Gotta Know, and True Beauty: The Inside Story.  She is the former Beauty Editor of Focus On The Family’s BRIO Magazine.

New LITTLE MISS MANNERS classes begin each month. Tuition is $125. Call now!  Only six girls per class and they fill quickly! 

Want to put together your own class and have Andrea come to you? Perfect!

Want to bring Andrea to your school, Girl Scout Troop, or daughter’s Birthday Party? Perfect!

For additional information, contact Andrea Stephens at 918-252-1974!


*Little Miss Manners*

Training young girls to be confident young women!


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